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The ultimate Steak & blue cheese sauce

When it comes to steak I have to say that I take it very serious. I have eaten several times at Brookwood Restaurant on Baggot street, Dublin 2 and it’s the best steak in town as far as I’m concerned.. I checked who their meat supplier was and decided I would head on over to Higgins family butchers in Sutton, Co. Dublin. I decided to go for black angus dry aged at 42 days. I picked a beautiful T-Bone & Rib eye on the bone and their dry aging room is amazing  to look at. Nothing like having some theatre in your butcher shop. The guys in there are very helpful. I always say to people to have a chat with their butcher as it makes the whole process of making your dinner much better. Butchers are there to give you advice and it’s great to learn about the whole food to plate process from them.



When it comes to cooking your mighty steaks, this is how I like to do them. Firstly I leave them out so as they are at room temperature before cooking.I put a griddle pan on full heat. I then rub a little olive oil onto the steaks, not too much though. You don’t want your steak to stew in the pan. I literally sear each side and then put them into the oven at 180 degrees, depending on how thick your piece of meat is. On this occasion my pieces are both approximately 30 mm. I love my meat cooked to medium rare so after I sear my meat in the pan I put them in the oven for around 10 minutes.


Now, with my pieces of meat I’m making a potato gratin with a blue cheese crust and some buttery spinach and also a blue cheese sauce for the steaks.

So before you cook your meat you will need to do your potato gratin first. Put your oven to 180 degrees and begin slicing your potatoes. I generally like to slice them at about 3 mm thick. I use a good quality parmigiano, garlic, cream, salt & pepper and some blue cheese crumbled on top to get a nice crust on the potato gratin.

I add crushed garlic, parmigiano, salt & pepper to every layer and then add some blue cheese to the top and pour in some whipping cream. It can take up towards one hour for your gratin to cook. I check it by putting a fork into it at the 50 minute mark and keep checking.




Once you put your steaks into the oven for 10 minutes after sealing them you can then proceed to make your blue cheese sauce and buttery spinach.

For the blue cheese sauce it’s quite simple. Add some white wine to a medium heat pan after about 30 seconds you can throw in some of your blue cheese and combine the wine with cheese. I then add some cream and taste along the the way. If it’s too strong add a little more cream.



For the buttery spinach it’s also simple. Just add your spinach leaves to a medium heat pan and add your butter and stir constantly until your spinach has cooked. It usually only takes about 3 minutes.


Once that is all ready you can take your steaks out and let them rest for a few minutes. Take your gratin out and start plating up!

As I had a few guests over I cut the steak up and sprinkled with some salt & pepper.



BOOM! Job done and time to feast!!!

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